Are You in Need of a Replacement for Your Discontinued NET-ENI?

ProSoft’s DF1 routing moduleWith Rockwell Automation discontinuing the 1761-NET-ENI, you may have trouble in the future connection your EtherNet/IP equipment to your SLC or MicroLogix without the connecting bridge of the NET-ENI. The issue you will face is with communication from one device to another. To ensure your operation maintains its efficiency, the communication problem must be resolved.

ProSoft’s DF1 routing module is a replacement for the NET-ENI and provides a similar solution. The DF1 routing module provides for communication between your new and legacy PLC, SCADA, and DCS systems. It can also enable the addition of an EtherNet/IP-based PanelView Plus to your existing DF1 network. For even greater ease of use, it allows you to remotely program your existing DF1 PLCs.

If you already have a DF1 installed base in operation that needs updating, its messaging module allows you to implement a phased approach to modernization using your existing leased line modem infrastructure. This can help you minimize scheduled downtime in a lower-risk approach.


Posted on Friday Jan 11, 2019 | ethernet, modernization, modules, routing,