Brady BMP21 Plus Printer

Brady BMP21Brady’s BMP21 Plus printer is terrific for industrial, electrical or construction applications. It’s great for any size business. It’s packaged in an easy to use format. There are multiple symbols available making sure that your labels are correct and exactly what you need. These labels can be used in office buildings, on construction materials, organizing tools and on supplies making your life easier and more efficient. The rubber over mold is rugged so there’s no need to worry about it getting damaged. It comes with a 3/4 in. label cartridge, but is interchangeable with other label sizes. The printer recognizes the label size differences, so there’s no extra steps required when making size changes. When you cut the label, it stays with the printer until you are ready to use it helping to make sure your label doesn’t fall on the ground and become dirty. The Brady BMP21 Plus kit is available in a hard case and comes with a battery and battery charger. Brady’s BMP21 Plus is a quality handheld device that won’t leave you hanging.


Posted on Thursday Mar 15, 2018 | bmp21, handheld-printer, label-printer,