Bussmann Low Profile Circuit Protector

Bussmann CCPLPBussmann series Low Profile Compact Circuit Protector

Eaton’s new Bussmann series Low Profile Compact Circuit Protector (CCPLP) fused disconnect switch is the smallest rated fusible switch in the electrical industry, helping you to minimize panel space requirements. The high short-circuit current rating allows designers to increase power density throughout the power distribution system without worrying about available fault currents or adding unnecessary transformers to increase impedance. The handle and fuse lid interlock improves operator safety by helping to prevent the user from removing the fuse under load, therefore increasing worker safety. With front panel-mount, the CCPLP can be a drop-in replacement for low profile, panel-mount circuit breakers. It’s open fuse indication speeds troubleshooting when there is an open fuse. The lockout/tagout feature enhances maintenance safety by providing you the ability to both lock off and lock on, reducing the ability to cause accidental switching. Finally, the 600Vac rating allows you to apply the CCPLP in any low voltage application, which provides design flexibility regardless of system voltage. All-in–all, the Bussmann series CCPLP saves time and money while keeping workers safe.


Posted on Sunday Nov 27, 2016 | circuit-protection, disconnects, fuses,