Bussmann’s High Speed Compact Fuses Use 48% Less Enclosure Space

Bussman HSCFHigh speed fuses are current-limiting devices. This means they reduce the prospective short-circuit current, and destructive thermal and mechanical forces in equipment to an acceptable level. High speed fuses are mainly for protecting semiconductors from short-circuits. Power semiconductors protected by high speed fuses are used in many applications: AC drives, DC drives, traction, soft starters, solid state relays, electrolysis, induction furnaces and inverters. The power source for these may be supplied by the grid, local generator or batteries. With Bussmann’s compact high speed fuses, you use 48% less enclosure space which reduces the overall size of your power conversion equipment. The smaller package does not compromise heat rise performance and with the bolt-on design you have the flexibility of using a fuse block or direct mounting. All this saves you time and money while keeping equipment safe.


Posted on Thursday Jun 23, 2016