Crouse-Hinds Champ LED Floodlights Are Ideal Solutions for Harsh and Hazardous Applications

CROUSE-HINDS CHAMP LED FLOODLIGHTSDo you face challenges to provide the needed amount of light? Do you face safety issues with lighting in hazardous locations? Do you face operational and maintenance issues with your current lighting in hazardous and industrial locations? If you answered yes, then consider the Crouse-Hinds FMV9. The FMV9 is great for locations where lighting maintenance is costly and time consuming, frequency of lamp changes is disruptive to work and you have high energy costs. It reduces maintenance, material, labor and disposal costs. You will also see a reduction in outages and poor lighting quality in critical areas making your work environment safer. Even better is a payback of 1-3 years compared to HID and fluorescent lighting.

If you still aren’t convinced the FMV9 is right for you, because the price for LED is higher than fluorescent and HID lighting, remember this. There is an overall lower total cost of ownership because of reduced maintenance, installation, and electrical infrastructure. And – your overall fixture count can be reduced without sacrificing lighting quality.


Posted on Thursday May 03, 2018 | hazardous-locations, led, lighting,