CROUSE-HINDS PRE-FORMANCE™ PRE-FABRICATION SYSTEM PRE-formance is a unique three-tiered offering of pre-fabrication that improves commercial construction job site material handling, installation productivity and safety. The system offers you an easy and effective way to streamline project timelines, allow for flexible labor allocation, and lowers your total cost of ownership. The three levels offered are PRE-formance basic, custom and complete.

The basic level consists of standard prefabricated assemblies available for order by catalog number for immediate shipment. The custom level features assemblies made to order from various combinations of PRE-formance products giving you the flexibility to mix and match parts and assemblies. PRE-formance complete is an engineered branch wiring solution that includes take offs and drawings, patented products with customized markings, and shipping each engineered and manufactured part to your job specific requirements.


Posted on Friday Sep 20, 2019 | boxes, electrical, pre-fabricated,