Edge Computing to Simplify and Protect Your Connected World

Edge Computing SolutionsStratus Technologies empowers you to turn data into actionable insights where it matters most. Far from the cloud or data center, faster decisions need to be made right at the source of data capture, in real-time with the right information, in the right place. For decades, Stratus has protected your company from significant financial and reputational risk by securely and reliably delivering information to applications in the cloud and data center. Stratus is now extending these benefits to the Edge to maximize operational efficiency and improve performance and safety, while minimizing unplanned downtime.

Edge Computing solutions from Stratus can offer the following benefits:

Simple Solutions

  • Sets up in 30 minutes or less

  • Easy to manage

  • Rapid restore with no additional configuration

Autonomous Power

  • Self-healing solutions that don’t require huge investment from IT

  • Automated administration and predictive monitoring/alerting when problems might occur

  • Remotely managed from anywhere

Secure and Protected

  • Seamless failover

  • Decades of fault tolerance expertise and capabilities

  • Cybersecurity safety

Whether you’re completely modernizing and optimizing your entire organization and business processes as part of a digital transformation initiative, or working to realize the benefits of Edge Computing over traditional cloud or data center-based models, Stratus can help eliminate the costs and reputational impact of unplanned downtime and production loss while meeting your goals and building a competitive advantage with Edge Computing.

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