EGS Appleton Enclosed, Gasketed LED Luminaires for Hazardous and Industrial Environments

Appleton’s Mercmaster LED fixtureOnly a few years have passed since its initial release, but Appleton’s Mercmaster LED fixture has already set the standard for quality and performance in industrial LED lighting. With the most advanced design, testing, materials and manufacturing, the Mercmaster LED luminaire is the preferred choice for easy installation, low maintenance, energy savings and reliable lighting quality over a 60,000+ hour lifetime.

Now the industry’s most highly engineered LED fixture is even better. Appleton has refined the design of the Mercmaster LED Series for even easier installation in both new and retrofit applications. Better still, the series expanded with the addition of five power options to cover almost any lighting requirement. For companies attracted to the many advantages of LED lighting, the Mercmaster series can fulfill your lighting needs throughout your facility.


Posted on Friday Mar 04, 2016 | industrial-led, led, lighting,