Encore Wire’s PullPro Helps Make Job Sites Safer and Wire Pulling Easier

Encore Wire has improved on their already terrific PullPro product line. It’s design and packaging make it one of the toughest in the electrical industry. Their video showing how it can be dropped from 80 feet, run over by large vehicles and drug along a hard surface, is one you need to watch.
Encore Wire PullPro
Safety is always an issue on job sites, and with PullPro’s weight being less than 30 lbs. you can safely carry, stack and move your wire with virtually no issues. The PullPro packing is designed to stand up, so you don’t have to bend over saving you a lot of back aches. The form-fitting handle grip, makes it easier to grab your wire and go to your next location.

It’s unique coil pattern allows for a tangle-free and memory-free wire pull giving you a smooth, straight pull every time. Plus, there are no extra tools needed. Each case of wire locks onto the other, giving you the ability for a multi-conductor pull. The cases can be stacked sideways, upward or in an X pattern for a uniform wire pull.

Job sites are hard on materials. Even if PullPro’s outer case becomes damaged, your wire is still safe because the inner coil is shrink-wrapped to be separate from the packaging. This allows the wire to be pulled with or without the case. With PullPro, you will not lose your pull or end up with wire that needs to be scrapped. Your investment is completely protected.


Posted on Friday Nov 16, 2018 | thhn, thwn, wire,