eWon Flexy 205 from HMS is the IIoT Gateway and Remote Access Router for Machine Builders

eWon Flexy 205Machine Builders now can monitor and collect KPIs for analysis and predictive maintenance with the eWON Flexy 205, an advanced internet data gateway. The Flexy 205 is a modular Internet Gateway with a built-in web interface, scripting and enhanced internet connectivity for your IoT deployment. Making it easier to troubleshoot your remote industrial equipment using its VPN Remote Access capabilities.

This modular gateway has a compact design great for collecting remote data and providing remote access to your industrial equipment. It is ideal for data-intensive applications because of its configurable WAN/LAN switch which allows this gateway a wide range of extension cards to best fit your application. The Flexy 205 has a web-based configuration and internal scripting tools so you can customize expanding your possibilities for creating alarms, monitoring dashboards, collecting machine performance analysis data or other advanced solutions.

You can easily integrate with your IIoT platform by using the Talk2M APIs, HTTPs scripting or MQTT scripting giving you a robust device that provides you with greater flexibility. Standard functions include: remote data collection with IIoT platforms; remote monitoring and remote access.


Posted on Friday Mar 15, 2019 | builders, gateway, iiot, machine,