Fluke 805 FC

Fluke 805 FCThe Fluke 805 FC Vibration Meter is a handheld tool for taking measurements of bearing condition and overall vibration. It is a quick and reliable way for go or no-go testing of rotating equipment. The 805 FC is used to measure industrial equipment, pumps, gear boxes where it is important to have an early diagnosis of potential bearing or couplings failure, giving you the ability to see what’s going wrong before you must shut down equipment for maintenance. The 805 is considered a screening tool that has the baseline for a range of equipment incorporated into the meter. It uses algorithms of this equipment to evaluate the basic information you input for your application. The meter can then tell from the data you input whether the vibrations it’s picking up, as well as the temperature reading, if there is too much vibration coming from your machine. To make your life easier, the Fluke 805 has a user-friendly interface; an accelerometer to access hard-to-reach spots; and audio output to listen to bearings. It measures high frequency vibration as well as the overall vibration. Fluke incorporates Crest Factor Plus (CF+) algorithm into the meter which makes it easier for you to read and understand what is happening with your equipment.


Posted on Friday Oct 19, 2018 | crest, factor, mechanical, meter, troubleshooting, vibration,