Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager Allows You to See What You Can Hear With Costly Leaks

FlukeDon’t let your bottom line be sabotaged by leaks in your compressed air, gas or vacuum systems. Fluke’s ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager removes the traditionally time-consuming and tedious task of locating air leaks with its pinpoint accuracy. Your maintenance professionals can check for air leaks during their normal work day. The imager allows you to locate issues using sound by isolating the frequency of leaks or vacuums, even if your production area is a high noise environment.

The benefits of using a sonic industrial imager over a conventional ultrasonic leak detection device are many.

Sonic Industrial Imager
Easy to Learn
Scan Large Areas
Document Leaks on Moving Equipment
Confirm Leaks in Seconds

Conventional Ultrasonic Device
Trained Professional Required
Scan point-by-point
Equipment May Require Shutdown
Multiple Steps to Document Leaks


Posted on Friday Mar 13, 2020 | detection, imager, leak, sonic, ultrasonic,