Fluke Motor Drive Analyzers

Fluke Motor Drive AnalyzersThe idea behind Fluke’s 510 and 550 Motor Drive Analyzers is that it is easy for people to pick up and use. They didn’t want it to be something where people needed to remember a sequence of buttons to press. The MDA has a walkthrough for what measurements you take, why you take them, and where voltage and current probes need to be hooked up physically on your entire drive train. The design is easy for maintenance personnel to become familiar with and operate. It’s easy to hook up because the directions are right on the screen for each test, and you can save a report and capture every screen that you're in. The analyzer provides you with good data for both the drive and the motor, which is a fan favorite of maintenance workers.

The MDA menu has a list of tests that you go through that are very structured. You can just go straight to the specific test you want to run without any question, any setup, or fussing around with additional buttons. It also covers the entire drive train from the input of the variable frequency drive to the rotating motor shaft.


Posted on Monday Jul 01, 2019 | drives, motors, vfd,