Fuse Cross Reference Made Simple with Eaton Bussmann’s Series FuseFinder App

FuseFinder AppThrough the use of a robust text-based cross-reference and part search database, FuseFinder identifies products consisting of over 300,000 cross-reference files, including the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read part numbers from product labels using your device’s camera. If you have a competitor’s partial or full part number, FuseFinder can identify solutions for fuses and fuse block needs. After completing your product selection, you will have the ability to view, download or email the datasheet for technical specifications. The FuseFinder app features an authorized distributor locator, which will allow you to find the McNaughton-McKay office that is closest to your physical location to aid you with delivery. To download the Android and Apple compatible app, visit your app store and install it for free today.

Posted on Monday Aug 24, 2020 | cross-reference, fuse-blocks, fuses, mobile-app,