Greenlee End Stripper Adapter

Greenlee End Stripper Adapter If you've ever had to use a knife to strip cable, you know that cuts come with the territory. You also know that no two cables are ever stripped at the same depth. More times than you like to admit your knife has made contact with the conductor when you are stripping. With the Greenlee GTSD-1930, those issues are a thing of the past. The GTSD1930 replaces the need to have any blades involved when stripping cable. It allows for a consistent cutback throughout the stripping process and keeping you safe. No matter what your experience, you can prepare cables three times faster than with a blade. You can also quickly engage a variety of battery drills, utilize keyless chucks, and 70 different sizes of cable bushings. The Greenlee GTSD-1930 Drill Mounted Saber Tool is a versatile tool you need in your box.

The Greenlee GTSD-1930 Drill Mounted Saber Tool quickly connects to a wide variety of battery drills including ¼" quick-connect drills. Its Hex design also allows for use with standard keyless chucks. Cuts from knife blades account for approximately 40% off all jobsite injuries, making the GTSD-1930 the safe choice for stripping cable because it replaces the need to use any type of blades.

There are 70 different sizes of cable bushings available adding to its versatility, and because of its spring loaded retention pin there are no additional tools need to attach the bushings. Greenlee also offers a GTS-1930 which is a manual version of the Saber Tool.



  • Handle Type : Drill Driven Saber Stripping Tool
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Overall Length : 6.5
  • Short Description : GTSD-1930
  • Sub Brand : Saber Stripping Tools
  • Weight: .85 lbs
  • Application : Cable End Stripping
  • Capacity : #6 AWG - 750 MCM
  • Finish : Aluminum
  • Replacement Part :
  • GTS-BRK, Blade Replacement Kit
  • GTS-CASE, Bushing kit replacement case

Posted on Sunday Jun 14, 2015 | aluminum, cable, greenlee, saber,