Greenlee LS100L11A Battery Powered Punch Tool Saves You Time and Money

Greenlee LS100L11AGreenlee’s LS100L11A kit features the LS100 punch tool, a 120-volt battery and charger and a carrying case. If you are like other electricians, you probably spend a lot of time threading punches on and off of draw studs and wish it wasn’t so tedious and time consuming wrestling with punches and draw studs that are rusty and cross threaded. The LS100 will get you punching holes up to three times faster than standard threaded knockouts. The secret is in the no thread design. The punch slides onto the draw stud and the speed lock secures it in place making it the fastest knockout punch system on the market. This system is extremely strong and can withstand over 40,000 pounds of punching force. That’s over 3Xs the force it takes to punch two-inch conduit sized holes in 10-gauge mild steel. It is the fastest knockout system for punching ¾” to 2” conduit sized holes in up to 10-gauge mild steel. This system will work with any of Greenlee’s hydraulic and battery powered drivers giving you the flexibility, reliability and ruggedness you deserve.


Posted on Thursday Sep 14, 2017