Greenlee’s Conduit Bending Table Has Gone Mobile

Greenlee Conduit Mobile Bending TableGreenlee’s newest bending innovation is the 881 Mobile Bending Table (MBT). The MBT is an all in one bending solution that gives operators the power and performance of the popular 881 bender on a wheeled table. It’s quick to setup and stores all components used for the 881 bender. It can also be wheeled around the job site with ease. This saves crews nearly an hour with every move. Whether you already own the 881 bender or our purchasing the bender and table together, the unit is rugged, feature-rich and designed to get each job done faster, safer and easier. Just wheel it into position, plug it in and start bending up to 4 inch rigid conduit. The 881MBT will save you time and money on the job site while enhancing your crew’s productivity.


Posted on Friday Apr 01, 2016 | conduit, mbt, mobile-bending-table,