Halo Surface Downlight SLD Series is Technology You Can Count On

Halo Surface DownlightThe Halo LED universal surface downlight acts just like a standard downlight with an ultra low-profile. This sleek designed LED fixture easily installs into most standard junction boxes as well as four, five and six inch recessed housings. With the reliable LED lifespan of 22 years and equivalent light output of a 65-watt bulb, you can transform your home while using 80% less energy. It comes in a variety of lumen packages to suit any ceiling height. It has excellent dimming capabilities combined with a versatile range of light color temperatures from beautiful warm light, comfortable for any room in your home, to cool white, perfect for task lighting, gives you total control over the look and feel of your environment. You can even customize your space with a designer trim overlay that is available in satin, nickel, Tuscan bronze or a primed finish for painting the color of your choice.

Installation is quick and easy. After you disconnect the power at the junction box, wire the connector to the house wiring. Install the junction box bracket. Attach the orange connectors. Align the two bracket tabs with the slots on the back of the fixture. Turn clockwise and lock into place. This fixture can also easily be used in new construction or retrofit downlight in traditional housings. Just remove the existing lamp and trim and insert the LED fixture with the provided torsion springs or friction clips. It's that simple. Halo’s surface downlighting is your all house lighting solution; from entryways and hallways; to smaller closets and utility rooms; to wet locations such as your bathroom or outdoor covered patio; there's simply no turning back for the latest in energy savings and technology.


Posted on Friday Oct 26, 2018 | led, lighting, recessed,