HMS Includes A Free Master Configuration Tool In The Anybus X-Gateway With A Profibus, DeviceNet or EtherNet/IP Master/Scanner

HMS Includes A Free Master Configuration ToolYou can connect over 200 gateways to any two industrial networks using HMS Anybus X-gateway family. You can use the Anybus X-gateways to easily transfer I/O data between devices on two different PLC systems and networks. This allows your information to flow smoothly throughout your entire plant. Not a computer programmer, no worries because the X-gateway doesn’t require you to be. Its configuration is made easy because of the “Anybus Configuration manger. The Anybus Configuration Manager X-gateway is so easy because you can define the I/O data sizes on each network side and to define the data mapping and separation between cyclic I/O data and parameter data.


Posted on Friday Sep 13, 2019 | gateway, i/o, industrial, networks,