Hoffman’s Proline G2 Delivers Rigid Protection and Flexible Solutions for Industrial Controls

Hoffman Proline G2 SeriesWhat sets the Hoffman Proline G2 apart making it ideal for industrial environments? In short - it’s durability, custom colors, security, and ease of use. A secure door close on an electrical enclosure is an important safety consideration. The Proline G2 has a durable powder coated paint finish both inside and out, a door with a solid swing designed for high load capacity, and a smooth glide latching system. The smooth glide latching system ensures easy latching over the lifetime of the enclosure. A combination of a sturdy, double flange latch rod and three Delrin® roller pins prevent metal on metal grinding. A time latch mechanism ensures that the top and the bottom of the door catch reliably and repeatedly.


Hoffman Proline DisplayA foundational design element for any modular enclosure is the frame. The frame for a modular enclosure protects the expensive electronics loaded inside much the same way a car frame protects passengers. Proline G2 features a 12 gauge, roll form steel frame with hybrid frame profile. The hybrid frame profile is the combination of an open and closed frame resulting in superior performance under load and even under torque. The frame also includes an external flange trough collar which is designed to divert dust and debris that may collect on the top of the enclosure away from the door opening.

The mounting subpanel was designed to maximize space and to make loading a populated sub-panel into the frame simpler and safer by providing a variety of different loading options. A vertical mounting sub-panel can be loaded into a Proline G2 using the easy load mounting system from the front, from the rear or from the side. Additionally, if the sub-panel is being populated outside of the enclosure the frame can be lowered onto the horizontal sub-panel. The easy load mounting blocks can then be safely and securely fastened. Then the fully loaded sub-panel and the frame can be lifted using the lifting eyes into the vertical position. An available option for a more controlled method is to insert a heavily weighted sub-panel into the frame.


Hoffman Proline Stand OnAnother element for Proline G2 is the BV-M6 fastener. The BV-M6 is a combination of a screw and a nut in one easy to use package. With a BV-M6, you don’t have to access the back of the fastener in order to tighten it. When you tighten the BV-M6, the embedded nut engages. As you tighten the screw, the nut then travels up the screw head. Additionally the bridge strap can now be attached to the frame with just two fasteners per side. The base of the enclosure has a gland plate used in conjunction with the plinth base of the enclosure to provide cable management solutions. The unique duro-stand gland plates from Proline G2 were designed to support the weight of a person making it easier to work inside the enclosure with the gland plates already installed.


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