Hubbell Wiring Devices inSIGHT™ Data Monitoring Helps Avoid Costly Downtime

Hubbell Wiring Devices inSIGHT™ Data MonitoringToday's industrial facility and data center owners know that real-time data analysis, such as current consumption, voltage power usage or temperature, are critical to avoiding costly facility downtime. Hubbell’s new line of intelligent data monitoring devices collect such important data and provide predictive analysis directly at the point of use. Their new Ethernet gateway easily and efficiently connects all the monitoring devices and transmits collected data through a wireless mesh network into powerful reports available to users through their dashboard. Devices in this family include intelligent pin and sleeve devices that provide billable grade current metering as well as voltage and temperature monitoring being utilized by the equipment they're powering. Plug-and-play power monitoring cables for measuring. Voltage circuit monitors to audit power consumption, balanced loads, cost allocation, and historical trends. Highly sensitive environmental monitors to measure conditions like relative humidity and temperature - internal and external to monitor devices. Supported by a powerful cloud-based or locally installed monitoring software, users can customize the reporting processes and even automate monitoring with instant alarms that deliver text and email alerts if analyzed data falls outside of established parameters. With this new line of intelligent data monitoring devices and software, Hubbell allows you to understand the overall health of your facility in an instant.


Posted on Friday Mar 22, 2019 | analysis, data, ethernet, monitoring,