Increase Productivity with Guardmaster® 440R-ENETR EtherNet/IP™ Network Interface Using Real-Time Diagnostics

Guardmaster® 440R-ENETR EtherNet/IP™ Network InterfaceUsing Rockwell Automation’s Guardmaster 440R-ENETR EtherNet/IP Network Interface gives you seamless communication on an Ethernet/IP network because the safety relays are embedded with optical bus technology. When you collect information using the EtherNet/IP interface you minimize unplanned downtime and increase startup efficiencies. The Guardmaster Safety Relays are a compact solution that are easy to connect on a single network interface. Dual Port Interfaces enable Linear topology on EtherNet/IP eliminating the costs associated with a centralized switch and additional cabling. The 440R-ENETR is part of Rockwell’s Integrated Architecture which allows the interface to provide comprehensive real-time, terminal-level diagnostics like cross faults and over currents. This makes it simple to troubleshoot your applications. To help troubleshoot wiring faults that may occur, McNaughton-McKay has a training video to assist you GSR faults.


Posted on Thursday Sep 14, 2017 | ethernet-ip, relays, safety,