Intelligent Motor Control Centers Help You Get To Market Faster

Motor Control CentersChoosing the correct Motor Control Center (MCC) is critical for your communication networks. McNaughton-McKay can help you understand the advantages and disadvantages to using an MCC in your facility. MCCs give you the ability to do lock out tag out (LOTO) on individual motors without putting workers at risk to arc flash hazards when panel doors are opened. There is no need to shut down power to an entire panel in order to turn off one control panel that has multiple combination starters inside. Without an MCC only a trained electrician can open the door to a live panel wearing a PPE suit. MCCs can also significantly reduce your installation time because they provide distributed power infeed using factory-built bus bars. If planned properly, they also make future expansion easier. MCCs normally offer higher Short Circuit Current Ratings (SCCR) capabilities than you get with a control panel. Simply put, MCCs can make your work life a lot easier and safer.

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Posted on Friday Oct 25, 2019 | drives, mcc, motors,