IPDisplays LED and LCD Displays Save Time and Money

IPDisplaysIPDisplays manufacturers smart LED and LCD signage. You can use their products in a variety of applications and industries where immediate real-time feedback to management and is needed to enhance operations, productivity, improve customer service, and inform employees. The smart visual displays and digital signage is unique because they are driven by software that allows them to process and display information from a variety of sources without the aid of middleware or a server.

The signs include an onboard 1 GHz ARM processor for faster updates and to host the HTML5 interface. Displaying data is a matter of creating connections to remote web services and PLCs including Native Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, MELSEC, and XSLT. You can update the signs using hundreds of data tags from multiple sources. There is also a 24 volt I/O port option, 4 outputs and 4 counters or inputs can connect to external signals through an M12 connection. The signs are industrial temperature rated and have powder coated aluminum NEMA 12 enclosures. The signs come standard with timers, counters, thresholds and a real-time clock that supports NTP or SNTP. A Web Services API and Microsoft .Net API are included for creating interfaces to commercial or in-house software systems.


Posted on Friday Aug 18, 2017 | displays, lcd-displays, led-displays,