Jan Fan Air Circulators Keep You Cool, Safe and Reduce Maintenance

Jan FansJan Fan is a true air circulator specialist. If you have an industrial need for fans, Jan Fan is a great choice for a heavy-duty fan. You can select from 20, 24 and 30 inch fans with a full range of replacement parts and accessories. Jan Fan provides you with helpful features that keep you safe and save time. The safety yellow color of the fans is for high visibility in your facility. The fan guard is very large to allow for greater clearance which increases your safety. To touch the fans, you would need to clear the 2 ½ inch gap. The large guard minimizes maintenance because if the fan is banged around or dented the blades are rarely damaged.

The guard also features a quick mounting ring. The pre-installed nuts on the Jan Fan motor means there’s no washers to deal with and you can simply align the nuts with the mounting rings for quick installation. At the end of the radio rib wires, fan guards have always gone together with hooks. Hooks require you to use two big screwdrivers to pry each hook from the front guard to the back guard. This is very difficult and time consuming. The hinging guard system that Jan Fan uses is done with loops. The loops eliminate the need for assembly tools. There are four hinges on the fan guard allowing you to open the guard from any direction giving you greater installation options.

The Jan Fan blade is designed for maximum air delivery. The blades are made from a heavy-duty spring type steel with the hub on the front of the blades giving your maintenance people easier and quicker access to the fan. Most fan blades are made of aluminum and if bent are rendered useless. The spring type steel is flexible and if bent will regain its shape. All three fan sizes use the same motor. The motor is a completely enclosed permanently lubricated ball bearing motor. The switch and capacitor are considered trouble-maker parts, so Jan Fan gave them a self-contained space on the back of the motor. Having them self-contained eliminates what could be an all-day job by being able to replace the end unit in literally minutes. All this and a 5-year warranty.


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