Lithonia IBG High Bay LED Stops Airborne Contaminants from Diminishing the Integrity of Your Lighting Fixture Lens

Lithonia IBG High Bay LEDDo you know the importance of selecting the right high bay fixture for your industrial lighting application? Lithonia’s IBG series is the number one selling high bay fixture in North America because of its efficiency, configurability and solid performance in industrial applications. There are fixtures on the market that look like the IBG, but they don’t measure up when it comes to specific features. One of the greatest deficiencies you will find is the lack of IP rating on the optics. Warehouses can be dusty, dirty and full of bugs. The last thing you want are the optics to become a collection point for this debris. These dirty particles not only impact light output, but it makes your space look dingy. Having to clean every lens at high bay mounting height is also very challenging for your maintenance personnel. The IBG has IP 5 X rated optics, which means the optics are officially rated to be dust and debris resistant.

The IBG has the best efficiency on the market, so you know based on the lumens per watt and the price, you're going to have the best value in the marketplace. It is also the most maintenance-friendly high bay.

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Posted on Friday Dec 06, 2019 | fixture, high-bay, led, lighting,