Lumark’s Night Falcon LED Floodlight Provides Energy-Saving Design and Versatility

Night FalconLumark by Eaton’s Night Falcon LED Floodlight has an innovative design that maximizes light distribution and extends product life. These flood lights are perfect for commercial and industrial applications that include security lighting, building facades and pole mounts. Thanks to the cutting-edge thermal management system in the design, this floodlight has unbeatable sustainability. You will get up to 15 years of maintenance free, efficient lighting. This results in money and time saved for your company. Lumark does this by building a separate die-cast aluminum driver housing. When you combine this housing with the unique thermal fins, the result provides maximum heat dissipation. This gives your LED and fixture a longer life cycle. The optics design of the floodlight provides on-target illumination that makes the most of spacing between fixtures and reduces installation costs. The optional integrated controls maximize power consumption during low usage hours to save energy. The light levels raise on-demand with occupancy detection. The entire unit weighs less than 25 pounds, making installation effortless. Another terrific installation feature is the cast-in-angle which allows for precise increment adjustment quickly.


Posted on Friday May 11, 2018 | floodlight, led, outdoor-lighting,