Make Solar Stronger™: IronRidge XR Rail Family

IronRidge XR RailOver its lifetime, your solar array will experience countless extreme weather events – including storms, high winds, and snowfalls. To ensure that your panels are supported by the strongest mounting system, choose IronRidge XR Rails. The IronRidge XR Rail forms the backbone of a solar array – whether used in a pitched roof, flat roof, or ground-based solar installation. XR Rails come in three targeted sizes and feature a unique curved profile, which increases structural strength and spanning capability. The rail shape is designed to increase both vertical and lateral forces – such as wind and snow – and outperforms traditional box and open channel rails.

IronRidge XR RailAll IronRidge Systems are now listed to the new UL2703 standard, which goes into effect on July 28, 2016. The entire system has undergone electrical, mechanical, and fire testing and passed with the highest possible ratings.

XR Rails are available in three targeted sizes: XR10, XR100 & XR1000. Each size supports specific design loads, while minimizing material costs. Depending on your location, there is an XR Rail to match.

IronRidge also provides free online design software that will walk you through designing a system, calculate a full bill of materials, and provide you with documentation – including pre-stamped engineering letters and installation manuals:


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