Manage Your Network Properly with Rockwell Automation’s Stratix 5700

Rockwell Automation’s Stratix 5700Rockwell Automation’s Stratix 5700 industrial Ethernet managed switches help simplify network setup and streamline machine integration with your existing infrastructure. The Stratix is classified as a layer 2 switch that provides high-speed, low-latency and network segmentation. You can apply the Stratix 5700 to applications with small to complex networks. It allows you to monitor and control distributed devices for easier diagnostics and integrate your plant floor with your enterprise systems to increase production visibility.

Compact and scalable, this managed switch was developed in collaboration with Cisco and features their secure integration with the enterprise network and Rockwell Automation’s premier integration with Integrated Architecture operations. IT professionals can leverage technology familiar to them which improves collaboration and helps them meet their business goals. Designed and developed for Ethernet/IP automation applications, the Stratix 5700 offers optimized network performance. Its express setup feature makes getting started easy. For information on how to use the Stratix express setup feature, please watch our video.


Posted on Friday Mar 08, 2019 | ethernet/ip, managed, network, segmentation, switch,