Mersen’s Medium Voltage Controllable Fuse (MVCF) System Mitigates Arc-Flash Hazard for Medium Voltage Transformers

Mersen Medium Voltage Controllable Fuse (A155CNF065, A155CNF080, and A155CNF100)Mersen’s MVCF System is intended to decrease Arc-Flash incidents when a medium voltage transformer is in use. This is the first fuse to provide normal short-circuit and overload protection that can also open on command. The A155CNF series works just like a regular medium voltage fuse under short circuit and overload situations. The big difference is when it is connected to an Arc-Flash detection system the MVCF will open the circuit in time to limit hazard to Category 2 PPE. The MVCF system has an interface module that is mounted in low voltage areas and accepts a trip signal from your existing Arc-Flash detection relay. A signal is immediately sent to the actuator module that is attached to the bottom of the fuses. The controllable fuse actuator module than causes a switch inside the fuse to open. This pushes the current through a much smaller fuse element that opens the circuit in a controlled manner resulting in safety for your employees and facilities.

Mersen Medium Voltage Controllable Fuse (A155CNF065, A155CNF080, and A155CNF100)

Mersen’s A155CNF series of fuses are a cost effective arc flash solution with minimal installation downtime. The fuses can be retrofitted into existing clips and spaces within minutes. The one caveat is that fiber optic cable must already be in place. You also have lower maintenance costs because the fuses are designed to last 20 years with the battery lasting for 3 years.


Posted on Friday Jan 26, 2018 | arc-flash, fuses, medium-voltage,