Nidec-Shimpo’s Rotary Indexer Easily Mounts on any Servomotor

NIDEC-SHIMP's Rotary IndexerNidec-Shimpo’s STR Series is an off-set hollow bore rotary gearbox indexing product that is used in a variety of robotic handling applications. The STR Series can handle applications that require larger overall torque carrying capacity with a greater need for finer levels of precision. This solution for ultra-high precision obtains accuracy down to 20 arc-seconds. It allows applications to reach minor backlash, maintain excellent rigidity, and maximize control stability so the desired output motion can be easily achieved.

The utilization of a full-contact globoidal cam for high-efficiency and elimination of wear is truly a unique concept. The unit provides maximum compactness using orthogonal axes and includes a large hollow shaft for flexibility. The STR simplifies the connection to your servo motor with the incorporation of a planetary input used to achieve reduction ratios as high as 2000:1. Several frame sizes are available and it handles large, dynamic moment loads. It is a great fit for any automation, machine tool or custom material handling integrator that requires the precision, rigidity and repeatability that this servo rotary indexer offers.


Posted on Thursday Aug 27, 2020 | gearbox, rotary, servomotor,