One Source for Comprehensive Lighting Solutions

McNaughton-McKay Lighting AuditWe are all trying to find ways to save money. Right? One way that you can help your company do that is by scheduling a facility lighting audit. This is a great first step in cutting your energy costs. Our specialists will come to your facility and survey what your current lighting situation is and assess how it can be improved. They can create a lighting strategy that best fits your sustainability goals and budget. We can help you tailor a solution using the latest technologies to reduce energy consumption and ultimately save money. Additionally, there is no need to work with multiple companies to get your project moving. McNaughton-McKay provides you with one point of contact for energy efficient lighting products, audit capabilities, project management and lighting control system design.

Our lighting services include:

  • Point by Point Lighting Layouts

  • ROI Analysis

  • Utility Rebate Submission Assistance

  • Complete Fixture Specifications

  • Photometric Studies

  • Control System Layouts

  • Lighting Energy Audits

  • LEED Certified Design

  • AutoCAD Capabilities

McNaughton-McKay Lighting AuditNo matter what industry you are in, we can help you. We serve:

  • Commercial

  • Educational

  • Healthcare

  • Industrial

  • Manufacturing

  • Outdoor Lighting

  • Warehousing


Posted on Thursday May 23, 2019 | audits, energy-saving, lighting,