Optimize Production with Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk® View Site Edition (SE)

Rockwell Software’s FactoryTalk® View Site Edition (SE)FactoryTalk View SE gives you the essential visibility you require of your plant floor. It helps you address HMI challenges you face with process, batch and discrete applications. If you are looking for ways to elevate your production and gain efficiency in your plant, FactoryTalk® View SE can help you gain a clear view of all your lines and production processes. The main function of FactoryTalk® View SE is monitoring and controlling distributed-server and multi-user applications. Since it is supervisory level HMI software, it allows you to have a total and precise snapshot of your operations.

Once you have purchased FactoryTalk View SE, McNaughton-McKay can help you install your software and get it activated for use. In an effort streamline this process, a tutorial video has been created to assist you in this process.


Posted on Friday Jul 12, 2019 | activation, hmi, software, visualization,