Panduit® BlackFin™ Battery-Powered Crimping Tools Are OSHA Compliant

HPS TransformersBattery-powered hydraulic crimping tools aid in the connection of permanent compression connectors used to connect or terminate electrical wire. The tool permits you to complete multiple crimps with the required force to achieve certified connections. The Panduit® BlackFin™ battery-powered crimping tools meet OSHA requirements and international safety standards for battery-operated hand tools. Advances in battery-powered hydraulic crimping tools technology allow you to perform multiple crimps per work shift with far less effort than manual hydraulic tools.

With the BlackFin tools you will be fully compliant with OSHA. The one button operation delivers the crimping force needed for permanent compression connections. It’s in-line tool designs minimize work-related wrist injuries from repetitive motion. With the quick stop motor feature, your motor stops immediately when the trigger is released preventing damage to the tool or injury to the operator.

Sytech ConnectorsHaving a safe workplace is tantamount with being a good employer. If you are responsible for safety at your company, it is vital that your safe work environment extends to the tools you use on the job. Failure to meet established safety standards could result in fines. OSHA can help you determine if your tools are meeting the basic requirements needed for compliance with laws. With the Blackfin, you are assured of meeting safety standards.

To complement the BlackFin, Panduit’s Fast and Intelligent Notification Software (FINS) can be used for statistical documentation and evaluation of the hydraulic installation tools. You can download, print and store work information such as maximum PSI, number of cuts/crimps, and battery information. Additionally, you can set service times and download work history reports. Finally, you can add user and inventory information, allowing you to better manage and extend the life of your tool.


Posted on Friday Jun 09, 2017 | crimping, hand-tools, osha,