Panduit DIN Rail Wiring Duct Saves Space With Easy and Flexible Installation

Panduit’s PanelMax DIN Rail wiring ductPanduit’s PanelMax DIN Rail wiring duct is an innovative wire management system for control panels that reduces material and installation costs within industrial control panels. This wiring duct takes advantage of available space gaining mounting space on the panel surface giving many applications a 30% + smaller footprint for duct and components. In new projects the space optimization using PanelMax DIN Rail wiring duct can reduce enclosure size with the potential of up to 25% savings in enclosure costs. In retrofit applications, PanelMax Din Rail wiring duct can make room for additional components eliminating the need to add an enclosure. By eliminating an enclosure you reduce the amount of facility floor space required therefore reducing costs. Space optimization with PanelMax Din Rail wiring duct provides substantial project cost savings for a lower total installed cost.


Posted on Friday Nov 20, 2015 | panduit, panelmax,