Panduit Pan-Way® is Easy to Install and ADA Compliant

Panduit Pan-WayPanduit’s Pan-Way® above floor raceway is a cost effective, easy-to-install alternative for routing cables in areas without access to core drilling. The low-profile, ADA compliant solution is ideal for routing network, A/V, and power cables in classrooms, conference rooms and huddle spaces. The raceway is equipped with 4 channels which allows for separation of low voltage and power cables. With its rigid PVC construction, it is strong enough to withstand daily traffic but still easy to maintain. Your network performance won’t be hampered because the raceway allows for cable bend radius and has snap together fittings making it easy to install and tamper resistant.

Metal raceway requires more time and tools for installation. It creates an increased injury risk because of its sharp edges. Other raceways require various tools to remove covers and access cables adding more job time. With plastic raceway you are less likely to run into budget constraints because they have a lower manufacturing and instillation cost while being more durable.


Posted on Friday Nov 30, 2018 | ada, pvc, raceway,