Post Glover Designs Low & High Resistance Ground Solutions To Fit Your Applications

Post Glover ResistorsPost Glover’s Resistor Specialists are experts in the power resistors market, delivering solutions for all your vital applications. With a broad line of neutral grounding resistor products and engineering services, they can design resistors to fit all your new applications as well as exact replacement resistors. They design and manufacture in accordance with IEEE, ANSI, NEMA and IEC. Additionally, they offer a digital high resistance grounding unit that enhances your facility’s safety. Post Glover’s low resistance grounding resistors and dynamic braking resistors are UL and CSA certified as well.

All Post Glover products are made in the USA. Their high and low resistance ground solutions are ideal for equipment and personnel protection, dynamic braking and motor/crane control resistors for stopping and motion control for generator and battery testing, and harmonic filter resistors for electrical noise dampening.


Posted on Friday Oct 11, 2019 | grounding, resistors, safety, solutions,