PowerFlex 525 AC Drive Delivers Powerful Performance and Flexibility with Innovative Hardware Design

Rockwell Automation PowerFlex 525The PowerFlex 525 AC Drive combines performance with an innovative design that helps make you more productive. It’s unique design reduces installation time because it can be easily separated into two modules: power and control. With this modular design, you can hand off the power module for wiring and installation while the control module is programmed by someone else at the same time. The control module is the brains of the drive and houses the embedded Ethernet port, DSI port, embedded safe torque off and 14 terminals for additional inputs and outputs.

Configuration is very simple. Using the USB port on the back of the drive allows for fast and efficient means free programming. All you need is a standard USB cable that provides all the power you need to configure the drive. With the USB connected, you can start programming the drive with your PC. The drive can be configured in three ways: Free Connected Components Workbench Software, Studio5000 Software, and Human Interface Modules (HIM) programming.

The HIM is optimized for ease of use with a LCD Screen and scrolling text that supports multiple languages. Parameter descriptions can be found directly on display so you don’t have to search through a manual for meaning. To learn how to setup your PowerFlex 525 AC Drive’s IP Address using the HIM, McNaughton-McKay has created a tutorial.

After the control module is configured, you can connect it back to the power module and you’re ready to begin running your machine. When it comes to installation, the PowerFlex 525 has a unique design feature that offers you great flexibility. These drives require only a 50 millimeter clearance on the top and bottom of the drive. They can be installed side-by-side or zero stacked for maximum space inside your panel. The drives can operate in ambient temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius and up to 60 degrees Celsius with a D rating. When you include an optional fan kit on the drive, the operating temperatures can be increased to 70 degrees Celsius and allow for horizontal zero stacking.

The PowerFlex 525 AC Drive offers best-in-class motor control that includes support for permanent magnet motors, energy savings and embedded safety. The PowerFlex 525 drive delivers powerful performance and flexible control in an innovative hardware design. It can help you build your machines faster, reduce your costs and maximize performance.


Posted on Tuesday Feb 21, 2017 | ac-drive, him, powerflex, powerflex525,