Predictive Maintenance with Real-Time Analytics in a web-based app from Grace Engineering

GraceSense™ Hot Spot MonitorAre you looking for real-time analytics for your systems that uses a web-based app? GraceSense™ from Grace Engineered Products offers you a predictive maintenance system that monitors the health of your assets utilizing IIoT. The GraceSense™ Hot Spot Monitor (HSM) identifies potential hot spots in your critical equipment and alerts you of abnormalities before they lead to unplanned shutdowns. Hot spots can be a major cause for failures and are often caused by loose connections because of vibrations, unbalanced loads, overloaded conditions, and a wide range of other issues often found in conductive environments. Most industries use either routine physical inspections or thermography programs to detect temperature abnormalities. Physical inspections require you to open the electrical enclosure barriers and other insulating materials to inspect the connections. Since most facilities prohibit their personnel from this type of high-risk access, the data obtained is often inaccurate or unobtainable. Additional risk of failure exists when the equipment is not put back in the original condition after inspections to overcome these shortfalls and to measure the temperature of the live conductors.

GraceSense hot spot monitor is a continuous real-time temperature monitoring device intended for locations that are difficult and hazardous to access. This device not only measures the temperature at any given point in time but also proactively monitors and enables you to predict machine failure before a potential shutdown occurs. The HSM utilizes fiber-optic technology providing constant temperature data available in 9 or 18 independent sources. The fiber probes can be mounted onto electrical bus bars, bus ducts, transformers, or any other source of heat. The hot spot monitor comes with 16 megabytes of built-in memory for data storage. If you connect the GraceSense HSM module via Modbus TCP/IP or Ethernet IP and access the web utility tool, you can configure the temperature thresholds time intervals and relay outputs. This tool further enables access to the real-time data logs and downloads the stored data for analysis and trending. GraceSense hotspot monitor is a reliable and affordable solution for use in environments with low, medium or high voltage systems.