Roof Tech Gives You the Most Compact, Versatile, PV Mounting System Under the Sun

Roof Tech RT MountRoof Tech’s RT-[E] Mount offers a compact mounting bracket like none the solar installation market has ever seen. With RT-[E] there’s no need to place solar panels on top of long rails because you can simply mount the brackets to rafters. Once panels are secured to the brackets, the system array is electrically bonded. All parts are shipped in a single, compact box, complete with butyl rubber flashing, renowned for its watertight performance and durability. The result is a visually seamless PV installation that is long lasting and durable. RT-[E] Mount is the only rail-less PV mounting system on the market with integrated flexible flashing that is certified by the ICC. It is 100% code compliant, waterproof and certified.


Posted on Tuesday Nov 08, 2016 | pv, pvmounting, solar,