Roxtec is Peace of Mind for Flexible Sealing Solutions

Roxtec CableRoxtec cable and pipe sealing solutions can be used on land, at sea and underground, wherever cables are routed and pipes are installed and the size doesn’t matter. If you are working in a demanding environment that requires safety, efficiency and operation reliability, the modular-based Roxtec sealing solutions give you peace of mind. The modular-based solution has three main components: the adaptable modules, the frame, and the compression unit. This system protects life and assets against risk caused by fire, gas, water, dust, pests, vibrations, and electromagnetic disturbances. It can even prevent the risk of explosion and provide solutions for bonding, grounding, and electrical safety.

Multi-diameter is the Roxtec invention for flexibility and adaptability to cables and pipes of different sizes. You just peel off layers to ensure a perfect fit. You can seal multiple pre-terminated cables in one opening, use the seal around existing cables or even reopen it to use the built-in spare capacity. The sealing solution is developed and tested by experts and certified by all major classification societies. Roxtec seals are respected by owners, contractors and designers, as they simplify design and installation while reducing the need for materials and logistics. With Roxtec your cables can be pre-terminated saving. If you have a pre-terminated cable it saves a ton of time and labor because you avoid having to reconnect cables with cord connectors even if there is a change after installation. Roxtec cable and pipe seals hold down the risks as well as the total cost of ownership. The concept includes design and software services as well as installation training on site. The Roxtec concept also includes a first class ability to tailor solutions according to your specific needs. The customized and complementary products make Roxtec the complete provider of sealing solutions.


Posted on Friday Oct 30, 2015 | cable, pipe, roxtec, seal,