SensoPart’s Visor Object Sensor Lets You Know if the Right Part is in the Right Place

SensoPart VisorSensoPart’s VISOR® object sensor is perfect for your applications that require position monitoring, component positioning, plastic part inspection, pick & place, and robotic applications. If you need to see if objects are present on your assembly line, lying the correct way on the conveyor belt, missing important details or incorrectly assembled, you will want to add the VISOR to your manufacturing operations. When accuracy is important, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Complex shapes and details are handled easily by VISOR. Where you could run into problems with switching sensors being overwhelmed by unexpected positions or complexities in shapes and details, you can be confident when VISOR is installed on your line.

There are seven detectors that can be used to inspect your tasks and evaluations: pattern comparison, contour detection, caliper, BLOB, brightness, grey threshold and contrast detection. The position tracking feature permits consistent detection of parts that are not always precisely the same place. Calculations take place relative to the current part position and orientation. This alleviates the need for every possible position to be defined for an individual feature.


Posted on Friday Apr 20, 2018 | monitoring, position, sensors, vision,