Setup your Allen-Bradley Stratix Switch Smartports Prior to Connecting Your Devices

Allen-Bradley Stratix Switch SmartportsThe Allen-Bradley Stratix Switch Family comes equipped with Smartports. Smartports provide you with a set of configurations that will optimize your port settings for common devices such as automation devices, switches, routers, PCs and wireless devices. They also provide you with the flexibility of being customizable for your specific needs. Smartports are recommended configurations for switch ports. These configurations will improve your switch connections and deliver security, transmission quality, and reliability for traffic from the switch ports. When you assign port roles it helps in the prevention of port misconfigurations. It is recommended that you use Smartport roles immediately following the completion of initially setting up your switch and prior to connecting them to your devices. To learn how to configure Stratix Smartports, please watch our tech video.


Posted on Friday Aug 30, 2019 | ethernet/ip, managed, network, segmentation, switch,