Simplify Lighting for Harsh and Hazardous Locations With Appleton’s Code Master LED Fixtures

Appleton’s Code Master LED FixturesDo you have Appleton Code Master HID luminaires installed in your facility? Are you looking for ways to reduce energy costs? If you answered yes to these questions, there is a simply way to retrofit your harsh and hazardous locations that are exposed to combustible vapors, dusts, dirt, moisture and corrosive materials. You can retrofit your existing Code Master HID luminaires with the Code Master LED by threading the luminaire body into the existing mounting hood. There is no need to reconfigure wiring or mounting locations. Code Master LEDs can be used with input ranges of 120–277 Vac and 347–480 Vac, with no need for a step-down transformer making new installations and upgrades from competitive products easy.


Posted on Friday Jun 14, 2019 | hazardous, hid, led, lighting, luminaires, retrofit,