Spectracool Remote Access Control Gives You Peace of Mind

nVent Hoffman SpectraCoolHoffman’s SpectraCool Remote Access Control gives you the ability to monitor how your air conditioner is working inside your panel. It also allows you to replay alarms, giving maintenance the ability to consistently keep components running at optimal temperatures. Currently, we see maintenance engineers running from job to job checking temperatures manually and seeing that things are working properly. Even when they only have to look at temperatures, there’s always the possibility of human error because they have to check the reliability and performance of the air conditioners individually and that takes a lot of time. If maintenance can perform these tasks remotely, it saves time and money.

Hoffman offers free software that's available on their website. The software includes tools needed to monitor the SpectraCool Remote Access Control system through all the alarms and data points. It is macro based so it can be used a variety of ways. SpectraCool Remote Access Control is beneficial for many different industries and applications. It provides you the ability to check multiple air conditioners that are spread out in your plant or possibly in different locations completely around the globe. You can monitor everything to do with your air condition from the health of the machine, the outgoing air temperature, analyze set points and efficiency. This view helps you to reduce the cost of replacement components because your visibility is increased into overall operation helping to reduce or eliminate downtime in production. Giving you an overall peace of mind.


Posted on Friday Mar 01, 2019 | access, air, conditioner, panels, remote,