Stop Installing HID Fixtures and You will Save Energy and Maintenance Costs

Holophane Phuzion LED fixtures in a gymnasiumWhat happens when you install Holophane’s Phuzion PHLZ LED High Bays over traditional HID fixtures? You use 50% less energy. If you include integrated photocontrols your energy savings will be boosted even more. If you decide not to use the Phuzion PHLZ LEDs, within six months of installation you will realize a 20% drop in light output from your HID fixtures with 5% of the lamps having already burned out and needing to be replaced. This causes production to stop in your manufacturing facility so that the lamps can be replaced. Costing you time and money in product replacement, maintenance costs and production downtime. Within 14 months of installation, HID light levels plummet to almost 60% of their initial lumens and 23% of lamps have failed continuing to increase your expenses. The Phuzion PHLZ LED High Bays provide significant energy savings, are virtually maintenance free, and operate reliably in high ambient temperatures making them the right choice for applications such as: industrial, large retailers, warehousing, convention centers, light manufacturing and gymnasiums.


Posted on Thursday Apr 04, 2019 | bays, hid, high, led,