Stop Wasting Time Drilling Your Own Holes in Enclosures

McNaughton-McKay SteinhauerMcNaughton-McKay is a certified distributor for Hoffman’s Steinhauer Modification Center. We have Steinhauer machines in our facilities with expert operators ready to make the modifications of your enclosure easier. With the Steinhauer machine available, you can stop wasting time performing holes and cutouts manually. You no longer need to measure, drill and tape or cut your own enclosures. This frees you up to focus on integrating and delivering control solutions to your customers. The Steinhauer Modification Center gives you precise, clean holes and cutouts that even with a skilled hand can’t be matched. The Steinhauer can be used with almost any material, any cutout, shape and size. You can save time and labor costs by taking advantage of McNaughton-McKay’s Steinhauer Modification Center.


Posted on Friday Feb 09, 2018 | enclosures, mod-center, modifications,