Sylvania’s Edge-Lit LED Panel is Environmentally Preferable

Sylvania’s Edge-Lit LED PanelSylvania’s LEDVANCE Edge-Lit Panel Luminaire is an attractive, affordable, commercial grade LED panel. If you are looking for an alternative to fluorescent troffers these fit the bill. The Edge-Lit Panel comes in 3 sizes that are a great fit for classrooms, retail spaces, health care facilities, or honestly just about anywhere you had fluorescent troffers being used. These high-efficiency LEDs light the flat lens evenly for a sleek look that provides you with energy savings of up to 47%. Their light output is similar to your existing fluorescent troffers which allows for a one for one replacement. While they have similar light output, they more importantly have improved vertical illuminance and minimized unwanted glare.

If you have low plenum space, the Edge-Lit Panel is an excellent solution because of its shallow depth. They also have dimmer and daylight harvesting capability making them even more cost effective. With an emergency backup power option, they meet safety code requirements as well. You can’t go wrong by making the switch from fluorescent to these LED panels.


Posted on Friday Aug 23, 2019 | fluorescent, led, lighting, troffers,