Test Circuits with Hubbell Twist-Lock® Testers

Hubbell Twist-Lock TestersYou can easily test a circuit’s condition using the Hubbell Twist-Lock® Tester. It is essential to know if power is present in any receptacle or connector so that your employees are protected from electrical shock or worse. An LED output will instantly let you know if there is power to a circuit when the tester is plugged into the outlet. To help establish if connections are properly made and in the correct position, an easy to read card is provided with each Hubbell tester. The testing card being a part of the device makes for a unique NEMA configuration and ensures that the proper connection was made through an output display. The tester is fitted with a carabiner making it easy to attach to a tool belt and readily available for use.


Posted on Friday Jun 29, 2018 | circuit, connector, receptacle, safety, tester,