The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 750 Series of AC Drives From Rockwell Automation Provides Control, Safety and Easy Communication

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 750 seriesThe Allen-Bradley® PowerFlex® 750 series of AC drives offers more control, communications, safety and hardware options than any other drives in their class to help you maximize productivity. These drives are built on a common platform using the same power structure and control to extend the power range and provide a common user experience. As the power range is extended, paralleled drive units are added and each drive consists of three main building blocks: the converter, the inverter and the control pod. A single control pod supports the entire drive as the power goes up and more drive bays are added. The high definition LCD display provides six lines of text for more meaningful explanations of parameters and events. You can easily access configuration control and drive data via the standard embedded Ethernet port. Five slots support additional options for I/O feedback, safety communications and auxiliary power supply. This architecture lets you build a drive to suit your application and the hardware control options common to the entire 750 series can help you reduce your spare parts inventory.

Allen-Bradley’s 750 series of AC Drives comes with a Human Interface Module (HIM). You can copy the parameters from your drive to the HIM module and back again. Why, you ask, would you want to do this? Simply put because if something fails or happens to the drive you can copy the parameters back to the drive quickly and easily. To learn how to execute this HIM CopyCat Function, please watch our tech support video.


Posted on Friday Jul 06, 2018 | ac, drives, ethernet, him,